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What to do in Palau: Paradise where Sharks are more protected than humans!

Palau is an archipelago of more than 500 islands in the Pacific, rich in history and natural beauty. From the legendary Babeldaob Island, with its ancient standing stones and picturesque capital Ngerulmud, to the stunning Jellyfish Lagoon, where you can swim with thousands of harmless jellyfish. The Jellyfish Lagoon is also a must-see, as are the Rock Islands and the vibrant coral of Blue Corner.

The local currency is the US dollar and the languages spoken are Palauan and English. For Brazilians wishing to visit Palau, a tourist visa is required.

In socioeconomic and political terms, Palau is a democratic republic with a thriving tourism sector. However, the country faces challenges such as global warming and rising sea levels, which threaten its beautiful natural landscapes.

Traveling to Palau can be expensive, especially due to flight costs, which are high due to the country's remote location. But the unique experience you will have is worth every penny.

Now, let's move on to the interesting fact of the title: in Palau, sharks are more protected than people! And truth. In 2009, Palau created the world's first shark reserve, banning all shark fishing in its waters. Incredible, right?


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