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At the age of 21, I was invited by the Jovens da Verdade mission to lead the Teen Mission missionary trip, which is nothing more than an exchange program where I would take 15 teenagers on a missionary trip with partnerships such as YWAM (YWAM), Presbyterian Church, Sanit Valleys School .

Teen Mission is a missionary training program that aims to prepare young people and teenagers to serve the Kingdom of God with their lives. The objective is to train them on three fronts: biblical, spiritual and practical; so that they can deepen their relationship with God and develop the tools necessary to make a true commitment to following Jesus Christ.

THE PROJECT is to go with the young people to FELTON (near San Francisco) and offer, to anyone in need, a meal, a friendly word, prayer, visiting daycare centers, nursing homes, halfway houses, etc.

To this day (2017) I lead the Teen Mission trips, and we have had the opportunity to go to California five times, all of them with the intention of helping, but here we will give tips on the few trips we take:


If you're a sports fan, Sky High Sports in San Jose is the place you need to go. Young and young at heart will enjoy the guided activities and atmosphere at this club. Sky High Sports is located near a parking lot, so many customers can enjoy this huge trampoline complex at the same time.


Giant Sequoia Park, there are more than 15 miles of hiking trails, some of which lead to small, secluded sandy beaches on the San Lorenzo River and others overlooking the Santa Cruz Mountains, overlooking Monterey Bay. has a more modern visitor center that is open year-round to the public, and is staffed by California Parks employees and docent volunteers. Additionally, the Mountain Parks Nature Store is open during most park hours, and there is a direct entrance from the park's main parking lot to the Roaring Camp and Big Trees Railroad grounds.


Among the most famous prisons in the world, Alcatraz is certainly the most popular. Located on an islet less than 2,500 meters off the coast of San Francisco, it hosted illustrious offenders such as Al Capone, was portrayed in films with major Hollywood stars and was in the newspaper headlines in mysterious cases such as the disappearance of the Anglin brothers. It's worth a visit for 35 dollars.

Mission: We spent 3 days at YWAM working ($50 per night each) with the homeless, 4 days serving at a camp, 2 days at food and clothing donation institutions, 3 days at the local church to help with worship and with children, and 1 day at school teaching geography and theater.

You can still go to Sacramento at Six Flags Animal Kingdom, it's really worth it and it's a park like Beto Carreiro (only better) lol.

Take the opportunity to drive on Highway 1 - a beautiful road that connects LA to San Francisco - On it we stopped at the beautiful Monterey Aquarium, we drove to the south several times (we've been to California 5 times), in the south we recommend tours like Bervelly Hills, walk of fame and incredible amusement parks.


Krispy Kreme - the best donut in the world

Five Guys - Top-notch Californian burger

In In Out - Burger restaurant competing with Five Guys

Shake Shack - to close Burger recommendations

Taco Bell - cheap Mexican food

Our visits have always been on missions, and even though it is frowned upon to leave Brazil to do missions in California, the experience is very memorable and we learned a lot from their organization to apply to the processes here in Brazil.


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