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In Switzerland we had the impression that people were not walking but floating. Everything was so rich that that reality wouldn't seem to exist. I don't know if the people there know another reality, but we do and we find a life that is out of the ordinary. An extreme quality of life. Once again we ate Mcdonalds and the exchange of money for Swiss francs is very bad and expensive.


Switzerland is incredible and wonderful! The Swiss Alps prove that no monument made by human hands surpasses what was made by God. We rented a car in Milan and left Italy for Lugano. On the road we learned that to cross the border we had to pay 40 euros. We were upset because it was our last destination and we no longer had any money. Then the guard informed us that there was another route that it was possible not to take due to the sticker that would be stuck on the car to continue our journey. We changed our route but there were other police officers in the middle of the road and they didn't let us go forward or turn around. We had to pay and we used our last money, from then on we fell into the high rates of the IOF card. We don't like to only have a card when traveling because in an emergency, if we need it, we'll have it. But this time we were really without

absolutely nothing. To say nothing, we had a few dollars, but we ended up buying Swiss chocolate and our magnet for our fridge then and came back with nothing. We hope we don't stop at any toll booth or any other place where we would have to have cash. But it was so worth it! The snowy mountains, the beautiful and wonderful people with cars we had never seen before, the chocolates.


If you've never heard of Lugano, know that it's the main city in Italian-speaking Ticino (Swiss Cantone, which is a region of Switzerland). The capital of “Cantone” is Bellinzona. Lugano is located on the lake, surrounded by mountains and at the foot of Mount San Salvatore. There are around 30,000 inhabitants and it is home to all the major Swiss banks and international organizations active in banking. Tourism, finance and commerce are therefore the cutting-edge sectors of the city's economy, which together offer more than 270,000 jobs. In a story that began 70 years ago, excellence has declined in different fields: gastronomy, wine, bread, cheeses, flowers.

We visited Piazza di Riforma, with the building called John Calvin (photo above), after all, Switzerland was the cradle of Reformed Protestantism in the 15th and 81st centuries. The large and lively Piazza Riforma, with ancient buildings, in particular the Town Hall, is a quadrangle that on one side opens towards the beautiful fountain and the charming lake. Piazza Riforma is, without a doubt, internationally famous, as are the bars and restaurants that surround it on its paved perimeter, characterized by precious natural stone.

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We stopped for lunch on the road and a piece of chicken was 7 euros each, we did the calculations and it would cost around 60 euros. If you go to Switzerland and have little money, buy your lunch boxes in neighboring countries.

In addition to Lugano, we also visit Locarno and Rivera, both of which are worth a visit due to the beauty of the mountains that surround them.



Switzerland does not require a visa for visitors who intend to stay up to 90 days in the country. However, to avoid problems when entering the country, always carry proof that you will return.

Immigration in Switzerland is not usually strict, but be prepared to answer about the reason for your trip, your profession, marital status and what financial resources are available for the trip.


The best way to take money to Switzerland is to exchange euros while still in Brazil and take it in cash to exchange money when you arrive in the country.

This is because the Swiss franc is very devalued in Brazil and you will spend more exchanging here than doing two exchange operations. However, it is important to note that there are ATMs at all airports and most tourist attractions and train stations.

You can use ATMs to make international withdrawals or withdrawals from your Travel Money Card, remembering that these transactions are subject to fees.

Credit cards are widely accepted in the country, with the exception of rural towns and cities. Visa and Mastercard are widely used and can be used for shopping, restaurants and hotels and generally require a minimum spend of 15 euros.


The Swiss speak 4 languages, German, French, Italian and English.

However, English is very well accepted there and if you communicate in the North American language you won't have any problems.


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