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Going on a safari in Africa has always been a childhood dream for us. We always imagine it's something impossible, the kind of prohibitively expensive experience you save your whole life for.

But it is not! And that is the main point of this report. After we took a trip to South Africa, many people asked us how much the safari cost, and I was happy to report that the cost is very affordable for an incredible savannah experience.

I hope our experience inspires you to go and makes your safari planning a little easier. Here's how to plan a budget Kruger National Park safari.

South Africa was one of the pleasant surprises we had with safaris in Africa.

The first tourists visited Kruger in 1927, and today the park is probably South Africa's best-known and best-established safari destination. At 19,485 square kilometres, it is one of the largest game reserves in Africa and spans two South African provinces , Mpumalanga and Limpopo. Kruger shares borders with Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Get there via road or flight - it's a four- to six-hour drive from the South African capital Johannesburg, depending on which of the park's gates you enter. If you book a company safari in Johannesburg, they will arrange ground transportation to and from your accommodation, but this is a bit expensive.

There are two options: Book a tour package or rent a car and head to Kruger. If it's your first time on safari, in this case we can arrange the situations. We rented a car, drove 4h30 on excellent roads to the Crocodille border, and stayed in a great lodge called Elephant walk Retreat, where you can see the Kurger elephants from your cabin window.

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This trip had a special touch, we took Lídia's mother after her fight against cancer, so she could enjoy the African wonders with us, the cost of renting the car was R$110 per day and you can rent it at the links below, we spent R$50 toll to go and return, the daily rate at the lodge was R$300, and did not include breakfast, but we ate it on the safari itself.

We managed a sunset drive, although it was high season, we got the nine-seater safari vehicle pretty much to ourselves, and our guide Udum (whose brain is an encyclopedia of animal and plant knowledge). It was impressive because on the road we kept seeing similar vehicles packed with tourists, and we enjoyed it a lot.

We came to see the animals, but we learned A LOT from Udum - about South African culture and politics, poaching in Mozambique, animal conservation, the ethics of game reserves, and where else to visit in Africa.

A Kruger National Park Safari doesn't have to be expensive to be amazing. Seeing animals up close, behaving as they do in their natural habitat, is totally different from seeing them in a zoo. It was one of the highlights of our time in South Africa

After our excellent time in the safari region, we returned to Johannesburg to learn a little about the sad history of racial segregation at the Apartheid Museum.

The Apartheid Museum illustrates the rise and fall of the era of segregation and oppression in South Africa, and is an absolute must. It uses a wide variety of media to provide a chilling look at the architecture and implementation of the apartheid system, as well as inspiring stories of the struggle for democracy. It is invaluable in understanding the inequalities and tensions that still exist today. Located 8 km south of the city center, next to the M1 motorway.

I hope you pack your luggage and visit the incredible South Africa.


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