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Imagine arriving in an Asian country and seeing an impeccable airport structure, trains, taxis, streets, shops, subways, that's all we saw when we arrived in Singapore, a very small country but with incomparable beauty, the modernism of the city of a touch of cinematic fiction, the humid heat reminded us of the lands of Belém and Manaus, in short, visit Singapore once in your life and you won't regret it, it's worth every investment (we liked it much more than Dubai, I think we would even live there, the quality of life is incredible)

We had a cultural shock after leaving New Delhi in India to arrive in Singapore in Asia, the disorganization of India maximized the organization of Singapore which can be written with C or S.

This small Asian country - yes, it is very small, just around 700 square kilometers in area - manages to be giant in its investments and attract the spotlight from around the world. After all, its Ferris wheel beats London's in size, the brand new complex (building-casino-hotel) Marina Bay Sands manages to be almost an architectural feat by balancing a gigantic infinity pool (150 meters), on top of three towers of 57 floors and as if that weren't enough, Formula 1 boasts of holding its first version of a night race through the streets of its financial center.

Gardens by the Bay was the most shocking thing I saw in our short time in Singapore. It is a huge futuristic garden, where steel and concrete trees measuring 25 to 50 meters high were built, with trunks interspersed with orchids, ferns, bromeliads and other species. The entire garden has plants divided by continents with intelligent decoration.

How to get?

We left the airport and bought 2 metro tickets to the Marina Sands Bay station, the park is open almost the entire day, from 5 am to 2 am. At night, the trees light up and are another spectacle. Much of the park is free to visit. The paid attractions are two large greenhouses, with flowers and plants from a thousand and one origins, and a suspended walkway where you can walk among the super trees.


Taxi is a great option. The city is relatively small, but very warm. So, walking from one place to another is exhausting. Taxis are cheap (trips around the center usually cost between S$10 and 20).

Metro is super efficient. It has an excellent mesh. Safe, clean and easy. Remember that everyone speaks English. So, there is no communication barrier (for those who speak the language).


. Vaccination against yellow fever taken at least ten days before boarding.

. Brazilians who intend to stay up to 90 days in the country do not need a visa. Just present your passport valid for 6 months.


Local currency: Singapore dollar S$

Exchange rate: 1 S$ = R$ 1.30

Climate: as it is almost on the Equator, the country is very hot. The temperature varies between 25 and 35 degrees centigrade. The mildest times are also the rainiest - between November and January.


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