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With a western atmosphere, Timisoara is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. A tourist destination in itself, the city also rewards those who come here for other purposes or simply transit on their way to other places. Whether you come to Timisoara for a couple of days or simply to admire the architecture of the buildings, hide from the sun in a shady park or grab a bite to eat, you will be impressed by what the city has to offer.

We spent in Timisoara after a visit to Belgrade, Serbia, and had the opportunity to have dinner at a super popular restaurant in the center (DEL CARUSO), where we ate filet mignon in a dish prepared for an incredible 40 reais.

We've listed the top things to do and see in Timisoara. Try them all - or at least one from each category - to make sure you fully understand the city's spirit!

Museums and historic buildings

Everywhere you are surrounded by baroque palaces, imposing historic buildings and elegant houses with secession facades. “Living proof” and one of the most representative historical buildings is Maria Theresia Bastion, a remnant from the first half of the 18th century, which today houses several exhibitions. If you want to know more about the history of the city and the region, you should follow their steps to the archeology and history section of the Banat Museum.

Churches and other places of worship

You may not necessarily be a fervent believer to be able to understand and appreciate the diversity and beauty of places of worship in Timisoara, rightfully considered a melting pot of religions. In large squares or hidden between trees or houses, big or small, Orthodox or Jewish, Romanian or Serbian, these silent sanctuaries are so different that you can't simply say that entering one alone is enough.

The most beautiful churches are located in the city's two central squares. The contrastingly colored Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral overlooks Victory Square, while at the two opposite ends of Union Square are the Baroque Roman-Catholic Dome

Parks and gardens

When it comes to parks in Timisoara, you can be picky as there is enough for everyone. Dozens of parks, most of them dotted along the banks of the Bega River, offer people a shady retreat from the hot summer months and the hustle and bustle of tourists, as well as a pleasant place to enjoy fresh air, the smell of flowers and a refreshing run. at night. While couples will certainly go to Parque das Rosas,

  • Capital : Bucharest.

  • Official language : Romanian.

  • President : Klaus Iohannis.

  • Population 2098 : 22,246,862 inhabitants.

  • Currency : Romanian Leu.

  • Total Area : 238,391 km².

  • Time zone : UTC +2, +3.

  • International telephone code : +40.

  • Climate : Moderate continental.

  • Visa : No visa is needed for Romania, It belongs to the European Union.

  • Borders : Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova and Bulgaria.

  • Places not to be missed : Bucharest, Sighisoara, Brasov, Plosti, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Constanta.

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