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Skopje is not a popular destination when thinking about European cities, is it? It is probably one of the least known capitals, along with Chisinau. For us, it was the easiest way to get to Bulgaria from Kosovo. When we arrived in Skopje it was quite cold, but there were souvenir and food stalls in the center, and we had the opportunity to talk to a local vendor, we realized that everyone seems to understand a lot about Greek philosophy, and about Philip, father of Alexander the Great.

So what to see and do in Macedonia's small capital? Here are our notes.

Skopje's Stone Bridge is an important landmark. Originally from the 6th century and rebuilt in the 15th, it connects the old and new cities.

On the new side of the city is Macedonia Square , a large airy square, full of life. At one end is marked the place where one Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu was born. Eighteen years later, she left to do God's work for the rest of her life, most notably in Calcutta. Mother Teresa is a well-loved Macedonian whose nationality is not disputed. Nobody knows how to talk about themselves excessively, she is reputed to have said that she felt like a citizen of Skopje, her hometown, but belonged to the world.

Kale Fortress , believed to have been built around 500 years ago. Several centuries and a few devastating earthquakes later, the bright red and yellow Macedonian flag waves merrily from one of this fortress's three remaining towers at once. (We think their flag is pretty ugly by the way)

We loved sleeping in the city and eating at the local bakery, eating at the hotel in the central square, all for a real bargain.

In conclusion, Skopje is mainly a charming city with friendly people; a city with potential. If it were better looked after, Skopje would soon see more visitors than KFOR soldiers.

Visa to visit Macedonia

Brazilian travelers do not need any visa to enter Macedonia.


Macedonia is an extraordinarily cheap European destination. Expect meals costing around €2-3, cheap public transport and beds in hostels for less than €10.

  • Capital : Skopje (Skopje).

  • Official language : Macedonian.

  • President : Gjorge Ivanov.

  • Population 2006 : 2,038,154 inhabitants.

  • Currency : Macedonian Dinar.

  • Total Area : 25,713 km².

  • Time zone : UTC +1, +2.

  • International telephone code : +389.

  • Climate : Continental.

  • Visa : No visa is required for Macedonia.

  • Borders : Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania

  • Places not to be missed : Skopje, Lake Ohrid, Gostivar, Bitola National Park, Berovo, Kratovo.

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