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We didn't know what to expect when we backpacked in Kosovo, but after spending time there, we found a welcoming country with a lot to offer. The two main cities, Prizren and Pristina, have something different to offer travelers and I highly recommend trying to fit both cities into your Kosovo itinerary.

Prizren was the cheapest place we ate in all of Europe, we both ate plated snacks, we had a glass soda and when it came time to pay it was 3 euros, yes three euros in the city center, which is actually a beautiful city, even that you can see the wreckage of a war so close.

The citizens of Prizren are predominantly Albanian Muslims with the rest of the population made up of a mix of Bosnians, Serbs, Turks and Roma who are also known as "Gypsies". Although Islam is the dominant religion in Prizren, Western fashion has made its appearance with the younger generation.

Ancient mosques and churches are scattered throughout the city. Unfortunately there were riots in 2004 and many churches were damaged, destroyed or destroyed. Some of the churches have been rebuilt or have been rehabilitated and are newer than the oldest religious sites in the region. As of the date of this blog essay, you will still find the Kosovo police maintaining a physical presence on the church grounds in Prizren and they are there to protect the churches from being damaged again. So don't be surprised if you visit one of Prizren's churches and a police officer suddenly appears. They are just doing their job and you are not in trouble.

Prizren and its surrounding areas are protected by soldiers from the German Kosovo Force (KFOR), who can be seen strolling the streets or enjoying a coffee or Coke among the locals at one of the overseas cafes during the warmer months. Other foreign KFOR soldiers from other countries who are also providing security in other parts of Kosovo are also a familiar sight.

There are some unmissable viewpoints in Prizren that offer great photo opportunities. Here are just a few:

Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church

Sinan Pasha Mosque

Sadervan Square

Gazi Mehmet Pasha

When leaving Prizren we went to Macedonia, we passed through the Shar de Sky mountains, it was very scary, as it was snowing a lot and with 30cm of snow!

  • Capital : Pristina

  • Official language : Albanian, Serbian, Turkish

  • President : Atifete Jahjaga

  • 2012 population : 1,847,708 inhabitants

  • Euro currency

  • Total Area : 10,887 km²

  • Time zone : UTC+1

  • International telephone code : +381

  • Climate : Continental

  • Visa : No visa is required for Brazilians or Portuguese

  • Borders : Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and the Republic of Macedonia

  • Places not to be missed : Pristina, Prizren

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