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England is awesome, but the cost of living shocked us because we were there when the dollar was rising (so we paid an average of 6.80 in the pound). We bought two snacks at Mc Donalds and it cost 85.00 reais. We decided to spend New Year's Eve at London EYE and the streets were packed (Like March 25th at Christmas). But it was incredible, despite the 2 degrees Celsius cold. Giving tips on one of the most visited capitals in the world is not an easy task, so let's just outline what we think is coolest in London. We still have plans to visit other areas of England, such as Manchester, Liverpool, as we once met an English couple in Cayman Islands and they told us that if you go to London and you've only seen England, then you're lying.


During our stay in London we went to the supermarket a lot because eating in places was out of our planning, we ate London pizza at Camden Market and tried eating at a London PUB near our hotel. London's multicultural environment contributed to ending the reputation of having a “salt-free” kitchen. Today, you can taste flavors from different countries in its many gastronomic options spread across the six thousand local restaurants and bars, there are many Indians there.

People are nice as long as you don't touch them. I really wanted to know where the bathroom was and to call the girl from the subway I leaned on her shoulder because her back was turned and she couldn't hear me to ask where the bathroom was, I got a "don't tuck me" with a look like I was going to take her a beating. I was really embarrassed, I wanted to say that we are Brazilians and that this is no problem for us. But I stopped and looked like I wanted to run.


We've been around London a lot, and we know spots that you can't miss on your visit there. In addition to these that we will indicate, there are many others such as the Harry Potter park and Windsor Castle, but we will indicate the best of what we saw in 4 days in London.


Located on the banks of the Thames, the Tower of London is located in the region of an ancient Roman fort. The Tower of London was built by the Norman conquerors. During the reign of Henry VIII, its towers were transformed into a prison and today, the tower holds the wonderful jewels of the British Crown, which can be admired by everyone! Unmissable! Open from Tuesday to Saturday. from 9 am to 4:30 pm, Sun. and Monday from 10 am to 4:30 pm.


Around 800 years old, Tower Bridge is the most famous bridge in the world! Built on the River Thames in 1894, it has a spectacular view of the city and it is super interesting to climb the towers, cross the bridge and visit the Victorian Engine Room, where you can find the original steam engines that drive the bridge's tilting arms, which open around 1000 times during the year for large ships to pass through. In 2014, the glass floor was opened, giving you butterflies and taking cool selfies! Find out more about the Tower Bridge Glass Floor here.


One of the postcards, a symbol of London punctuality. The Big Ben clock tower was built in 1858, after a fire that destroyed the Palace of Westminster and celebrated its 150th anniversary on 7/11/2009.


Get ready for photos: this is the biggest Ferris wheel in the world!! London Eye was renamed EDF Enegy London Eye.


Construction began in the 19th century. X and still today is where the most important ceremonies of British royalty take place, including burials. The long-awaited royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton (grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana) took place on April 29, 2011.

For those who don't know, Rafael is a Presbyterian reverend and studied Reformed theology, so the visit in Westminster became even more special, we discovered that to take the guided tour it cost 12 euros per person, so we asked about the service time, we participated in the liturgy of Anglican worship, a lot of biblical reading, little hermeneutics, but a surreal experience.


The tallest building in Europe, at 310m, designed by architect Renzo Piano, is wonderful! As a vertical city with offices, residences, glass-enclosed restaurants with spectacular 360º views, and the Shangri-la Hotel, it is already London's new icon!


Camden is a region in north-central London, which became famous for its craft market, opened in the early 1970s, and mainly for the public that this market attracted, it is commonly described as the neighborhood that brings together the most exotic individuals in London. , with her stained hair, piercings in unusual places and tattoos all over her body. But here all these people are common: you are really different.


English language.

Visa: Brazilians do not need a visa.

Vaccine: There is no mandatory vaccine for England.

Currency: Pound sterling

Time zone: + 3 hours

Telephone code: 44


Taking tours around London is simple and practical. The subway – called “Underground” or “Tube” – is also an attraction in itself, it is the largest and oldest underground rail network in the world. The network is divided into 6 different areas, with different prices. The main tourist attractions, for example, are in areas 1 and 2.


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