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Taba is a small border town, situated at the northernmost tip of the Gulf of Aqaba in South Sinai. Israel conquered the Sinai Peninsula. It is a picturesque city with fascinating beaches, which in ancient times was a passage on the caravan route to Aqaba Fort, on the way to Jordan and Arabia. In modern times, it is best known as the last piece of land that was returned to Egypt after the Israeli occupation of Sinai.

THE EILAT - TABA BORDER (in the south)

The Eilat - Taba border (Israel x Egypt) is a 1.5km walk with several checkpoints, Israeli cars cannot enter Egypt, we left our rental car on the Israeli side and a parking lot close to the red sea beach in Eilat, guards with AK47s provide security and stare at you a lot, Lídia needed to go to the bathroom and one guard was very irritated to see me waiting for her standing in the passage. As soon as we arrived in TABA, we thought we had to take a taxi to go to the hotel, our nonsense, we were robbed by the taxi driver who gave us a headache with the confusion of exchanging Israeli and Egyptian currency, the Egyptian people are very poorly spoken of on our trips and it seems to me that outsmarting someone else is something culturally good for them, you could walk to the hotel (1km) but they charged us around R$50 reais, the cost to cross the border on foot was: LE 46.00/ Egyptian Pounds = $14 (Entering Egypt) + NIS 101 / Israeli Shekel = $33.00 (Leaving Israel).

The coast of Taba in South Sinai is the most beautiful, with crystal clear waters and colors ranging from turquoise to dark blue, without forgetting the mountain landscapes with golden beaches. The resort community of Taba Heights is situated about 20 km (12 miles) south of Taba. Taba has several large hotels, including The Hyatt Regency, Marriott, Intercontinental and Sofitel. It is also a significant diving area where there are several courses to teach diving and many people practicing diving.

Just wear your swimming goggles and you'll see an infinite number of corals and marine life, it's totally worth it, but I was a little scared when I saw large and very alternative fish, like eels and large fish.


We stayed at Moevenpick Resort Taba, a 5-star resort that is close to the best attractions such as Dolphin Reef, Eilat Promenade and Coral Beach Nature Reserve. Since 2005, the hotel has been located in the center of Taba. We paid an incredible R$190.00 per night to stay at this wonderful Resort, we will include some photos we took. Guests can benefit from a Turkish steam bath and reflex massage on site. The property provides aqua fitness, aerobics classes and a gym along with volleyball, snorkeling and lawn tennis.


The hotel's breakfast made us laugh a lot, after all there were several types of salad, meat and seafood at 7 am, it was an incredible culinary cultural experience. At lunch and dinner we try to eat foods such as snacks and Arabic esfihas. See the breakfast photo:

The coastline of this most picturesque area, in Sinai, with bays, coves, lagoons, a fjord and an island (Pharaoh's island). Taba is a paradise of luxury holiday resorts and unique beaches with beautiful mountains in the background. Despite the lack of education of some people there, it is a unique country, with a unique culture, we wanted to go to the pyramids, but Egypt was in a political crisis and the dictator had recently fallen, there were even hangings in a public square in the region of Cairo, the Israelis didn't advise us to go there, which would have cost us R$800.00 for a day trip for two people, a shame, but who knows in the future.


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