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I'm sure you're scratching your head as you contemplate the question: Where is this Liege thing? And I can relate to your lack of clarity as Liege is a city that doesn't usually make the top of a traveler's list. But Liege taught us never to underestimate a peripheral destination. It may not be as big or flashy as better-known places, but discovering a city's hidden gems can be a pleasure. My surprise was even greater when we stumbled upon a train station designed by a well-known Spanish architect, an endless staircase, and a photography paradise that I had entirely to ourselves.

We only spent 2 days in Belgium and one day in Liege, and as often happens on a trip, in the end I was sad that I hadn't had more time to explore the city.

Liege is the third largest city in Belgium, and is situated along the River Meuse (Maas) in the central-eastern part of the country. Its population is around 200,000, and it is mainly part of the Walloon community. As some of you may know, Belgium is divided along language lines, with the Flemish population (a version of Dutch) in the northeast and the Walloon-speaking part in the southwest (and a small German-speaking minority). Liege is the alleged birthplace of Charlemagne, king of the Franks, then crowned emperor, and of the founding father of central Europe (8th century). Another famous resident of the city was Georges Simenon (1903 - 1989), the creator of the fictional detective Jules Maigret

Liege was one of the most important industrial centers in Europe, mainly due to its steel production facilities. But the industrial sector has been in decline since World War II, and the region has become impoverished. It is said to be on the road to recovery, due to a more diversified economy.

We visited 3 museums in the city and enjoyed it a lot, we stayed in an incredible hotel, we stayed at the casino hotel Van der Valk in the side town of Verviers, we paid 200 reais a night and it was the best room we've ever stayed in, even better than the bridal room in our Honeymoon. (see the photo below, I miss you lol)

Hotel Verviers Van der Valk is situated in a former 19th-century station and offers rooms with free access to the outdoor pool. This eco-friendly hotel features an à la carte restaurant, a garden with terrace and on-site shops. It is possible to rent bicycles. Leave wherever you are in Belgium and stay at this place!

We really like Belgium, we saw a lot of Muslims there, largely because of the refugee crisis, interesting as they seem very welcomed already!!


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