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We managed to get to Dubai due to an incredible promotion that we got through the app, unmissable tickets with the following route: BRAZIL - USA - NETHERLANDS - ARAB EMIRATES - USA - BRAZIL for R$750 reais round trip with fees included by Delta Airlines, it was without a doubt the best promotion we've ever had When we planned our trip to Dubai we had a vision of a completely deserted place full of people in burqas. Crowded with people in burqas we really got it right now, the desert has given way to award-winning constructions of world architecture.


Dubai is an incredible city, with surprising technology and architecture. From the airport we already knew what it would be like. The worst part was that we left India and went to Dubai, so we had a shock of social inequality that affected us. We think: so many people with so much and so many people with nothing. It was interesting that in one trip we came across both realities. What we also noticed when walking around São Paulo or any other city, but India X Dubai was extreme.


Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa

What we found most incredible was the complex that comprises the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa, a giant shopping mall (as it is the largest on the planet) with themes and various environments. There are stores with everything and prices that only shakes can afford. At certain times of the day there is a spectacle with fountains in front of the largest building in the world. I confess that I was moved. A mix of lights, water and music. It's chilling. We stood there and watched the same show twice. The beaches are very beautiful and the city is very structured, worth the subway and bus ride (and yes, the bus stops have air conditioning).

Burj Al Arab

We were looking for an angle to take a photo with the Burj (cover photo of this story). And none of the photos were very good. Then we entered a building that was apparently a public place. Called Jumeirah! We went in and a conference was taking place, we blended in among the people (thinking that this disguise was working, but we were the only ones without a burqa and white clothes with a red headband. I think our disguise didn't work. But we remained there) when we came out onto the From the reception balcony we came across the best angle ever for the photo we wanted so much for @malaviajante, this was the Jumeirah el Nieseen hotel, with daily rates of R$2500, it was worth visiting, even if for a photo.

Let's also look at the Jumeirah Mosque and other attractions in Dubai such as the Jumeirah Beach beaches and The tower buildings, a city that needs to be visited if you are a traveler passionate about exotic destinations.


In Dubai you can eat whatever you want, Dbai Mall has restaurants from all over the planet, when I say all I mean it!

We know a very tasty burger place that made it into our top five burgers. Shack shake has delicious lemon juice, wonderful potatoes and a delicious burger.

We also ate at Krispy Kreme, our favorite dunuts in the world and we loved the breakfast served on typical tables in our hotel. (The hotel and food there are a little expensive, I would say it is between the cost of Brazil and Europe) Everything we saved in India and Indonesia we spent in Dubai.


When to go:

The best time to visit Dubai is between November and March as it is winter and temperatures are around 24°C. In the summer from June to September the temperature can reach 50°C. We were there in February, so everything was perfect!

Visa: A visa is mandatory for Brazilians, it can be requested by the airline and hotels. Everything is very simple, you send documentation by email 30 days before the trip. The visa is valid for 30 days, but only for a single entry. There is also a transit visa, which you can stay for up to 72 hours, and we took advantage of 70 hours to get to know this beautiful city, this game alone cost us R$700 each.

How many days to stay:

We spent 3 whole days in Dubai, and it was perfect, we did all the tours we had planned. But if you can stay for 5 days and take tours like Universal Studios there to explore the city, you can also do that. We always choose to see parks and entertainment in the USA and experience unique cultures and tours when we visit cities like this.

What to pack:

80% of the population are foreigners, there are no restrictions on clothing, but the common sense of not wearing very short and transparent clothes is nice because it is a Muslim country.

Currency: Dirham


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