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What to do in Kiribati: The country that lives in the future?

In the far reaches of the Pacific Ocean, we find this tropical paradise that is proud to be the first place on Earth to receive the sunrise of each new day. Did you know that due to its location right in the middle of the International Date Line, when it is midday in Kiribati, it is still the day before in some places around the world? Fascinating, isn't it?

When visiting Kiribati, there are five points that cannot be left out of your itinerary. The spectacular crystal blue lagoons of Fanning Island, the vibrant marine ecosystem of Kiritimati Atoll full of wildlife, the rich and historic culture of Tabiteuea village, the natural splendor of Aranuka and the tranquil beauty of Abaiang.


And how are you going to manage there? Well, in Kiribati, the official currency is the Australian Dollar. They speak the Gilbertese language, but don't worry, English is also widely spoken. Now, good news for Brazilians: a visa is not required to visit Kiribati!


However, this paradise is not free from challenges. Kiribati faces significant socioeconomic problems. The economy is mainly based on agriculture and fishing, and the majority of the population lives in modest conditions. Politically, Kiribati is a republic, but corruption and government inefficiency are problems the country faces.

And if you're wondering how much it costs to travel around this country, be prepared for a slightly high budget. Airfare is expensive due to its remote location, and the cost of living is high due to its dependence on imports.


Now, here's what they never told you about the curiosity of our title: The move to the other side of the International Date Line, which made Kiribati "live in the future", was a decision taken in the year 2000 to facilitate trade and international relations. Before that, the country was divided between two different days, which was very complicated!

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