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What to do in Iran: The Surprising Country That Celebrates New Year Twice!

Iran is a country with a deep history dating back thousands of years, with ancient civilizations, powerful empires and a rich cultural tapestry. The country is full of incredible places to visit.


Starting with Tehran, the vibrant capital with its museums and bazaars. Next, the ancient Persian capital of Isfahan, with the stunning Imam Square and its beautiful mosques. For those interested in ancient history, Persepolis is a must-visit. The city of Yazd, famous for its mud buildings and unique ventilation system. And finally, the picturesque town of Kashan, known for its traditional houses and incredible gardens. We drove more than 1500km in Iran, and got to know three cities well: Mashad, Tehran and Zehedan, we were deeply surprised by the country and now that Brazilians no longer need visas, we highly recommend visiting, as any feeling of insecurity in the country is speculative, because we feel very safe on this earth. The local currency is the Iranian rial and the official language is Persian.


Iran is a developing economy, with a large dependence on the oil sector. The political situation is complex, with a theocratic system that limits certain rights and freedoms. The country faces challenges in areas such as human rights and international relations.


Regarding cost, a trip to Iran can be relatively affordable. After considering air tickets, accommodation and food, a trip can cost between R$5,000 and R$10,000.

Now, let's get to the fun fact of the title: in Iran, they celebrate the New Year, called Nowruz, on the first day of spring. But in addition to that, they also celebrate the Solar New Year, which occurs on December 21st or 22nd!


In short, Iran is a country of intense contrasts, rich history and fascinating culture. It is a destination that certainly defies expectations and offers a unique travel experience.

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