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You can see most of the sights and experience a glimpse of Scottish culture in less than two days. It took us a day and we saw most of the tourist attractions as well as some non-touristy things recommended by the locals. There are some cities in the world that you couldn't do in one day: London, Paris, Toronto, etc. However, Edinburgh is one of those cities that you could experience in a day or two. If you have time, we definitely recommend staying longer because Edinburgh is one of our favorite cities in the UK. It has a small town feel (which can be more welcoming and less stressful to get around) and makes you feel like you've stepped back in time to the medieval era. It is a majestic and magical little city.

Particularly, Rafael loved the city because it was the cradle of Presbyterianism in the world and the influence that John Knox (Protestant reformer) had on Scotland.

In Scotland, John Knox (1505-1572), who studied with John Calvin in Geneva, led the Scottish Parliament to embrace the Reformation in 1560. The first Presbyterian Church, the Church of Scotland (or Kirk), was founded as a result of this. . As I am a Presbyterian reverend, it was a vibrant experience, getting to know the meeting places they held and also the cathedral that went from Catholic to Presbyterian in the 16th century.

What to do in Edinburgh?

Take a walk to the Royal High Mile and visit St. Giles Cathedral Walking up the Royal High Mile is the most historic and scenic route into Edinburgh as it is literally a straight stretch of cobblestone road that ends at Edinburgh Castle. St. Giles' Cathedral is located on the Royal Mile. The cathedral was on the free tour of Edinburgh, however, if you don't plan on going on the free walking tour, visit this cathedral. If you're seeing cathedrals, visit Edinburg's The High Kirk. This cathedral has a very interesting Scottish history, and is one of the best cathedrals to see in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Castle Keep in mind that you can spend hours at Edinburgh Castle and all there is to see, read and experience. However, if you just want to see and experience the castle and browse through reading, then 2-3 hours should be enough. Edinburgh Castle is a beautiful castle and we recommend that all visitors to Edinburgh visit. Unfortunately, it's quite expensive to get in and see the exhibits (including the Scottish Royal jewels and more interesting Scottish history), so if you're on a budget, just make sure you take a photo in front of the gorgeous castle and experience the view in both sides of the castle. Absolutely breathtaking.

The Elephant House Fancy a place to have lunch or dinner between outings? Check out The Elephant House on George IV Street. This intimate restaurant claims to be "The Birthplace of Harry Potter", and has many articles, quotes and photos of JK Rowling on the walls. If you use the bathroom here, you'll notice that the walls are filled with Harry Potter quotes, facts, and fan messages to JK Rowling; It's interesting to see all the fans who have visited this restaurant from all over the world. The food is not concentrated on Harry Potter meals, but serves delicious wraps, soups and various meals. It's always a great place to take a lunch break, and you can sit in the same seat as JK Rowling started writing the outline for Harry Potter.

Also, don't forget to eat fish and chips, traditional UK food that we think is wonderful.

  • Official language : English.

  • Prime Minister : Theresa May.

  • Currency : Pound sterling.

  • Time zone : UTC +0 / Summer UTC +1.

  • International telephone code : +44.

  • Climate : Temperate, maritime.

  • Visa : England belongs to the European Union but not to the Schengen Area. No visa required for Brazilians or Portuguese

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