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We managed to go to Russia due to an incredible promotion that we got through the app, unmissable tickets with the following route: BRAZIL - USA - NETHERLANDS - ARAB EMIRATES - USA - BRAZIL for R$750 reais round trip with fees included by Delta Airlines, it was without a doubt the best promotion we've ever had, and since we had already gotten there we started to take the local lowcosts (cheaper air tickets for those who only go with hand luggage), from the Arab Emirates we went to Russia for R$300 each, country epic.

The lowcost company used was FlyDubai, which provided a fast, delay-free and quality service, but they use a different terminal than the main one in Dubai, so you will have to take the transfer (you don't need a visa to take this transfer and it's free). .


Arriving in Moscow, we rented a car and the funniest thing is that the contract was not in English, but in Russian, none of the rental company employees knew how to speak English, we soon realized that Russians are very proud and patriotic and don't like speaking English. or knowing English, which makes communication there very difficult, as the alphabet is completely different from ours.


Russia, despite being a country on the European continent, is not part of the European Union, given the fact that it has its own currency. There are things that always come to mind when we talk about Moscow or Russia in general, such as: politics, cold weather and vodka.

With a population of more than 10 million inhabitants, the city of Moscow, in addition to being the capital of Russia, is also considered the largest metropolis in Europe and is among the largest in the world.


The food is infinitely cheaper than in other European countries, we ate very tasty dishes for a bargain (R$18 per person for example) a restaurant highly recommended for its service, price and quality is the Mu-Mu restaurant. There are approximately 6 of them in Moscow.


Russia has its own currency, called the Russian Ruble. Generally, exchange rates at airports are more disadvantageous than in the city. A tip is to change enough for your transport to the hotel and to eat something and then look for an exchange office in the city. They say there are many of them in subway stations.


Moscow impresses and conquers easily! From the stories of the tsars, from the passions of writers! Churches, museums, trendy restaurants! The Soviet era, architecture, beautiful metro stations to enjoy! Kremlin, Red Square, is incredible, the best in the city, we suggest going in March, which is snowy, but not so cold! The beauty of Moscow, imposing, dynamic, cosmopolitan, the steps of the Bolshoi... so much to enjoy! The Serguei Possad Monastery, in the Golden Ring...

Red Square is Moscow's most beautiful postcard, the most famous square, known for Soviet military parades during the Soviet Union era, and where concerts take place. Virtual view. The square separates the royal citadel, known as the Kremlin, from the historic district of Kitay-gorod. As major streets of Moscow depart from the square in several directions, extending into highways out of the city, Red Square can be considered as the central square of Moscow and all of Russia.

The name Red Square does not derive from the color of the bricks around it, nor from the association of the color red with communism; in fact, the name came about because the Russian word красная (krasnaya) can mean both "red" and "beautiful". The word was originally used (with the meaning of "beautiful") in Saint Basil's Cathedral, and was later transferred to the square.

Russia, due to its culture, beauty, food, people and structure, has become a TOP5 country on our list of favorite countries, if you are in Europe or Dubai, be sure to go to Russia, it is very worth it, we spent three incredible days In Moscow, if you have little time, rent a car and go everywhere. Don't forget to buy a Matrioshka doll or see the famous Fabergé Eggs.

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