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Białystok is the largest city in the northeastern part of Poland (294 thousand citizens) and the capital of the Podlasia region. Due to historical conditions, Białystok became a place where people representing different cultures, religions and nationalities lived for years. This situation shaped the specific character of the city. In Białystok we can find the largest concentration of Orthodox and Islamic believers in Poland; It is also the center of the Belarusian and Tatar communities. The coat of arms of Białystok depicts the Polish eagle and the Lithuanian Pogoń.

Białystok's heritage is also the world's heritage. In 1859, Eliezer Lewi Samenhof was born in this city. He was famous as Ludwik Zamenhof, a brilliant ophthalmologist and the creator of the universal language of Esperanto. Podlasie's Jewish community has brought many extraordinary personalities, including one of Israel's Prime Ministers - Icchak Szamir. The Jewish community of Białystok was killed in the Second World War.

About 15% of the inhabitants are Orthodox. Several religious organizations work here, such as the Orthodox Culture Center and the Orthodoxia radio station. Numerous Orthodox festivals are organized here, including the Hajnowka Days International Orthodox Church Music Festival and the Białystok Orthodox Church Music Days "Dni Muzyki Cerkiewnej".

Białystok is a recognized center of professional puppetry and an important academic center - it has more than 50 thousand students. The city also has several regional and specialized art museums, as well as at least 19 private and state-owned art galleries. In Supraśl which is in the vicinity of Białystok, a modern museum of icons has recently been opened.

Białystok is situated in an area called the Green Lungres Region of Poland, which borders the crystalline mineral springs of the Knyszyna Primary Forest, and part of Narwia National Park is also situated within the conurbation. Białowieża National Park and Biebrza National Park are situated not far from here. Białystok was the first city in Poland to be included in the international network of healthy cities organized by the World Health Organization.

There is an incredible medicine and pharmacy museum that we loved, and the best part, the Polish guide and medical student gave us a souvenir from the city.

There are a number of interesting things to do in Bialystok. From historic sites to cultural attractions, explore the exhaustive list of all other local attractions in Bialystok. Discover new places to see and unique things to do near Bialystok. Don't miss these incredible views in Bialystok.

Here is a list of the best places to visit in Bialystok in 1 day. Visit popular attractions and have a memorable experience in Bialystok.

Ogrod Branickich

Rezerwat Antoniuk

Park Im. J. Dziekonskij

Park Planty

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