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We believe that Central Europe is one of the most fascinating and underrated regions. Long history, rich culture, delicious food, friendly residents... and each country is very different from the other! But while the Internet is full of various information about the most popular tourist destinations, finding something useful about this part of the world can sometimes be a challenge. I also know I looked for this information! That's why we share the main attractions in my cities that we visited. We're going to do a basic post, but it might be useful for some of you going to Lithuania (which was named one of the top destinations in 2015 by Lonely Planet!).

When you plan a trip to Vilnius, it's best to stay in the Old Town or Uzupis - you'll be in the heart of it all, within walking distance of all the attractions! I recently stayed at the Downtown Forest Hostel and I can only recommend it! The place is just the most beautiful, surrounded by the trees and a really relaxing vibe!


An absolute must in Vilnius! The self-proclaimed republic and the bohemian heart of the city. Uzupis have their own president, currency, flag, army (about 11 men) and so on - all the attributes a country should have. But the biggest attraction is the constitution of Uzupis - 39 articles that tell you the rights of the place, like everyone has the right to be happy and a dog has the right to be a dog. You can find the entire text, translated into two languages, on the wall along Paupio Street. One day may not be enough to tour Uzupis if you want to explore the area properly, enter the courtyards, check out all the quirky bars, find some original street art around and simply enjoy the bohemian feel and slow life of this neighborhood.

Wander the Old Town

Vilnius Old Town is quite big and it's easy to get lost: the labyrinth of narrow streets takes you next to churches, pretty houses and suddenly you might not know where you are anymore! The best thing you can do, then, is stop at one of the many cafes to find your way around. When discovering this part of the city, don't miss Literatu street with quirky tiles and wall graffiti, celebrating poets and writers connected to Lithuania (both local and foreign)!

We visited the city’s philosophy faculty and highly recommend you do the same!


This kind of depends on what you want.

While winter brings with it a magical wonderland of sorts, with deep snow, frozen rivers and pretty Christmas markets, it's certainly not suitable for those who despise the cold or fall in love with outrageous warm pants. In fact, with temperatures that dip well below freezing for five months of the year (November to March), winter visits may only be for the hardy type!

The weather in Vilnius picks up a bit in April, but to increase your chances of warmer days stay in June until the end of August. Just remember that even in summer, you will still need a coat at night.

One of the highlights of our visit was going to the KGB museum, it is sad and at the same time moving to see that some men hid Jews in the region, putting their lives and their families for the benefit of unknown people. The museum operates in a former KGB execution base and prison.


Getting to Vilnius should be relatively straightforward, with the city's airport receiving flights from all over Europe, however, at the time of writing, it will be closed until the end of August 2017 for runway work. Before that, you will need to fly to Kaunus.

Taxis from Vilnius airport to the city center should cost around 10 euros.

We rented a car for a bargain on AutoEurope and went to Finland with the rental car. On this trip, take the opportunity to stop at HESBURGER and eat burgers for 1 euro each! great for backpackers.


We highly recommend the incredible and modern UrbiHop, so you can sleep in the future! As for food, the city's restaurants serve a mix of German and Russian cuisine.

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