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We drove just over 500km in Hungary, its beautiful landscapes and quality roads enchanted us, we had the opportunity to go from Budapest to Slovakia and then from Croatia to Budapest,

Extremely charming, Budapest is one of the references when talking about the new Europe. The capital of Hungary offers the best in tourist infrastructure at competitive prices, making it an interesting option for visitors. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the “Paris of Eastern Europe”.

We arrived with a cold of -6, we suggest not visiting in January (the month we were there), as the wind and cold do not cooperate for a pleasant trip, we rented a car for five days and doing everything by car in the cold is the best option . Between May and September. This period is the most comfortable from a climatic point of view, in addition to providing more hours of light. July and August are, however, naturally the months with the most tourists.

Budapest's main tourist attractions are located in the city center. They are: The Castle Hill, Danube River and Chain Bridge, Matthias Church, St. Stephen Basilica, Budapest History Museum Budapest History Museum), Heroes Square, Parliament House, Spy Museum and Thermal Baths.

The city at night is beautiful and has beautiful lighting in its architecture, making it easier to take photos and also the view for a night tour.


Currency: Hungarian guilder

Visa: Brazilians do not need a visa to enter Hungary

Health: vaccines are not required

Time zone: move the clock forward by five hours


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