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Roatán is one of the most popular places in Honduras for those looking for the perfect tropical vacation. There are flights to Roatán from Italy, Canada and the United States, the main language spoken is English. The island of Roatan is loaded with white sand beaches and surrounded by coral reefs, which makes it a diving and snorkeling paradise. This Caribbean island is the most developed of Honduras' Bay Islands, so traveling to Roatan is easy. There is a daily passenger ferry service on the Galaxy Onda from La Ceiba to Roatan.

We arrived on the island due to a stop on our Costa Cruises that departed from Miami for 11 days touring the Caribbean islands.

Roatan's shoreline has prominent white sand beaches, Iron Shore bluffs and mangrove forests surrounding the island. The combination is almost perfect and offers the best of all three worlds, tropical beaches such as West Bay is considered the best beach in Central America and one of the best in the world; The iron shore bluffs offer some of the best oceanfront views on the island, and the mangroves offer a view into the tropical wetlands of the Caribbean and Central America.

Most island communities have English names. This is due to the fact that the islands were part of the British Empire until they were ceded to the country of Honduras in 1859 - 1860 as part of the Treaty of Comayagua. Since the original settlers were British Cayman Islands, they named the different communities with English names, which have persisted to this day.

Don't let the glamor of the west of the island keep you from visiting the east side of it. In the east you will find the most authentic Caribbean villages to be seen on the island. Oakridge, Calabash Bight, Jonesville are just some of the hidden treasures you will discover in this area. Many of them are off the main road, and require a bit of effort to get to, but if you are looking for a nice Caribbean atmosphere, friendly people, English being spoken and a more authentic and natural environment, this is your side. from the island!

ENJOY HONDURAS! We only paid $7 to go out on the boat and snorkel. The prices there are great.

We spent the day exploring the streets of the charming city of San Miguel and drove to the eastern coast of the island, famous for its paradisiacal beaches. A wide variety of tours and other experiences are offered in Cozumel, including diving, adventures, swimming with dolphins or snorkeling at the Great Mayan Reef. Additionally, you have the opportunity to go fishing or relax in one of the island's parks.

We paid $10 to enter the private area of the hotels and enjoy the most beautiful beaches of this incredible island that we arrived on the Costa Cruise that we took leaving from Miami (lasting 11 days).

To rent a car, prices vary a lot, but on average, a Scooter costs 30 dollars a day. Cars start at $60, but the price varies depending on the model. The most common cars are the Corsa, Beetle Convertible and Jeep Wrangler. Pay attention to the fees, services and insurance charged!

Our suggestion is that you divide your tour between the Diving Itinerary and the Beaches Itinerary. If you intend to visit one of the parks, plan on spending at least half a day to be able to enjoy all the options that are offered. Certainly, Cozumel with its rustic air was saved as one of the places in the Caribbean that we would return to again.


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