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Our trip to Greece actually started in Israel, in Tel Aviv. We boarded a Delta flight in Guarulhos heading to New York and from there, we took another flight to Tel Aviv, where we only stayed for a day and a half as on the way back we would spend more days to get to know the country. We got a rate of R$1235.00 per person round trip (Brazil - USA - ISRAEL - USA 3-DAY STOPOVER IN NEW YORK - BRAZIL), we found the best destinations a year in advance. Since we managed to get to Israel, we researched whether going to Greece was cheap, and found a fare of R$290 one way per person (TEL AVIV - ATHENS - SANTORINI - TEL AVIV).

We visited Athens and then bought a 7-day cruise trip with the Greek company LOUIS. We paid 300 dollars per person. Yes! 800 reais at the time for the 7 days of cruise. As on the cruise there was food all the time, Greek cuisine and everything included, we barely spent anything on this trip.


Our focus was Santorini, and as we knew it was the last island on the cruise, we abandoned the ship and spent 3 days there. We know the whole island. We rode a tricycle and got to know the ends of the island. We can say that we know Santorini completely! We loved it so much that it's on our list of destinations to return to one day in our lives. The little white houses, the beautiful people, the delicious food, the view of the island. That place is a little piece of heaven.


We rented a tricycle, went around everything and stopped at the points we wanted to see and take photos. We visited the red beach, beaches with beautiful mountains in the background, we watched the sunset in a very expensive restaurant in OIA, we sat down and ordered just a coke for 5 euros and guaranteed what the blogs call the best view. We saw a wedding, we saw incredible churches.

Food and Hotel

We ate the Greek Gyro which is a must when you go to Greece, it is a kind of combination of Greek barbecue chicken with pizza dough, salad sauce and fries in the middle.

We stayed at the incredible Galatia Villas hotel near the center, and it only cost us R$90 per night, its photo is above, the little hotel has Greek architecture and is just 800m from the center, and next door there is a quad bike rental company, which we rented for 35 euros to drive all day with gas, we drove around the entire island, which is 13km long.


Mykonos is a busier island. With flatter beaches that are easier to get to. With windmills that complete the landscape and become something beautiful. The sunset is beautiful and people's lives seem calm. We walked through the streets, saw a woman knitting inside her house and once again I thought: I want to be an elderly Greek woman. We often say that there are Brazilians everywhere. But on our trip to Greece we didn't find any Brazilians, for 9 days. On the ship we met a Portuguese couple and when we went to the islands we shared the transportation costs with them.


Crete is the largest and most populous island in Greece. Located in the southern Aegean Sea, it is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean and the second largest in the Eastern Mediterranean. the island is so large that it is home to several cities. The largest cities on the island are: Heraklion, Chania, Rethymno, Ágios Nikólaos and Sitía. We know Heraklion. If you visit Crete, take the opportunity to include a small village in your itinerary. This way you will get to know even more about the Cretans' lifestyle and how simple, warm and welcoming people they are. The island doesn't have the same picturesque air as Santorini and Mykonos, it really looks like an ordinary city with special tourist attractions.


Patmos is a small island in Greece 55 km off the SW coast of Turkey, in the Aegean Sea. It is one of the Dodecanese islands, and has a total area of 34.6 km² and a population of 2700 inhabitants. The island of Patmos is known for being the place where the apostle John was exiled (as stated in the introduction to the biblical book of Revelation), Patmos was used as a place of banishment during Roman times. There is also a place that is traditionally known as the Cave where John had the revelations of the Apocalypse. (Ap.1.9) We visited this cave and it really is to be believed that João was there, such is the cultural structure that leads us to believe this, the point is the main point on the island and still offers us a breathtaking view, We shared a taxi with our Portuguese friends.

Greece is our favorite place in the world! Then Australia, then Singapore and then Russia. It's romantic, happy, calm and full of details. We wanted to abandon everything and live in those little white houses.

Euro currency


Greek. Due to the fact that it is a very tourist destination, many people also speak English, especially younger people.

Time zone

The difference is +4 to +6 hours compared to Brasília time.

Business hours

It starts at 8:30 am and goes until 8 or 9 pm. Some companies, however, close between 2pm and 5pm. This occurs from Monday to Friday. Saturday from 8:30 am to 3 pm.

Banks and public bodies are open from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday, except holidays.

In the city's central streets, craft shops, tourist items, restaurants and cafes are open from Sunday to Sunday.


The Greeks are helpful, if you need information, don't be afraid to ask. They like it when tourists try to speak a few words in Greek, showing respect for the local culture. Some basic terms:

Good morning: Kaliméra - Good afternoon: Kalispéra - Good evening: Kalinirta

Thank you: Efharistô - Please: Parakalô

Yes: Right - No: Ohxi

Left: Aristerá - Right: Deksiá

Far: Makriá - Near: Kodá

I'm Brazilian: Ime vraziliana

Careful! When crossing the streets, pay attention, as they drive very fast.


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