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There is no doubt that Tbilisi, despite its compact size, has a lot to offer. However, many people prefer to stop here for two or three days, before heading out into the Georgian countryside which is also amazing. To make things easier, we designed an itinerary to see Tbilisi and then drive to Armenia by rental car.

Ancient history, unique culture and still little known by the country of tourists - these factors make the trip to Georgia especially interesting and unforgettable.

Georgia is located in the central part of the Caucasus, one of the most important regions in the world. It is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, where traditionally crossed Western and Eastern civilizations, which unusually merged with local traditions that gave Georgia the name of the country's oldest history, culture and civilization in the world.

The myth of the Argonauts, the fabulous world of King Farsman, trapped in the Caucasus passage by Alexander the Great and many other myths associated with these mountains, expands the doors of our country to travelers who want to visit, discover and get to know a country little known and unique, which opens in front of tourists opposite Georgia.

Traveling to Georgia, you will find many places with wildlife, and until now untouched by male landscapes, which makes the country even more attractive for tourists. Georgians believe that "the guest is for the Lord" and therefore warm hospitality is well known to our guests.

Our tour was to rent a car in Tbilisi at the airport, and in addition to getting to know Tbilisi, we traveled to the south to visit the monasteries from the 4th and 8th centuries in order to learn about the culture of one of the first people to declare themselves Christian. The roads are simple, but the views of the mountains and landscape are incredible, worth every km walked, plus you can see shepherds in the fields throughout the trip.


Georgia has fallen within the orbit of many cultural influences and empires. One of the first Christian civilizations, Georgia endured its share of invasions and Georgian cuisine reflects the past well. In peacetime, as traders carried goods and spices along the Great Silk Road, Georgians embraced new seasonings and methods, adopted and incorporated foreign ingredients and styles into their own. Over the centuries, Georgian food has been influenced by the Mediterranean world, Arabic and Mongolian flavors, Persian and Ottoman cuisines, the link stretching all the way to northern India. Today's Georgian cuisine is a rich interplay between Mediterranean and Middle Eastern tastes.

What we liked most was the Mtsvadi - A skewer of meat, be it veal, lamb or pork is the symbol of a true celebration à la géorgienne. While the choice of meat varies from region to region and also according to the seasons, the grilling method is more or less the same throughout. The out-of-age vine is considered the noblest of the wood choices. Once grilled, the meat cubes are removed from skewers and tossed in a pan of thinly sliced onions and pomegranate juice. The meat is lightly grilled and the onions caramelize, while the pomegranate juice forms a smooth, tangy sauce with the meat juices.

The dessert we liked most was the egg pancake with ice cream, a true delicacy.

The price is extremely cheap, a dinner for two with dessert was 45 reais and a more elite restaurant.

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