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Fiji: Complete guide (accommodation, tickets, prices and more)

Let's explore Fiji , an archipelago of dreams made up of more than 300 islands that promise unforgettable adventures, rest under palm trees and a deep dive into the unique culture of Melanesia.

In this guide we will explore the most valuable tips for accommodation in Fiji , how to get to this tropical paradise, the prices you can expect and much more. Fiji is not just a destination; It is a transformative experience, where the beauty of its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters is matched by the warm welcome of its people. So, grab your sunscreen and let's start planning your dream trip to Fiji.

illustrative image of Fiji
Explore the complete guide to Fiji and accommodation options. | Photo: Unsplash

Accommodation in Fiji

Fiji, with its incredible range of islands, offers a diversity of accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets, from more luxurious private island resorts, more modest accommodation and even ecotourism options, Fiji has something special for every traveler . Let's dive into the accommodation options and discover what makes each one unique in Fiji. See below:

  • Luxury Resorts: Fiji is world-renowned for its luxury resorts, which offer the pinnacle of hospitality and exclusivity. Many of these resorts are situated on their own private islands, providing an experience of unparalleled seclusion and privacy. Here, you can expect overwater villas, world-class spas, exquisite restaurants, and a multitude of water activities. These resorts are perfect for honeymoons, special celebrations or simply for those looking for the ultimate in relaxation and pampering;

  • Family Hotels and Resorts: For those traveling with the family, Fiji offers an excellent selection of hotels and resorts that are friendly to both children and adults. With planned activities, kids' clubs and special pools, parents can relax while the kids have fun. These options offer a perfect balance between activities for the whole family and moments of tranquility for adults;

  • Boutique Accommodation: If you're looking for a more intimate experience, boutique hotels in Fiji offer a unique charm. Typically locally owned and operated, these lodges provide an authentic glimpse into Fijian culture, with the benefit of personalized service. Often located in picturesque settings, they are ideal for travelers who want a deeper connection with their destination;

  • Ecotourism and Adventure Options: For adventurers and nature lovers, Fiji has a growing offer of accommodation focused on ecotourism. From rustic cabins to luxury campsites, these options are designed to minimize environmental impact and maximize the experience of being close to nature. What's more, many offer activities like snorkeling, hiking, and opportunities to learn about local flora and fauna;

  • House and Apartment Rental: For a more independent stay, house and apartment rentals are an increasingly popular option in Fiji. Ideal for larger groups or those who prefer to prepare their own meals, these accommodations offer flexibility and the chance to live like a local.

Regardless of your choice of accommodation in Fiji, it is important to book in advance, especially during peak tourist season. Each accommodation type offers a unique perspective on Fiji, whether you're a couple looking for romance, a family on adventure or a solo nature explorer. With so many wonderful options, your stay in Fiji is sure to be as memorable as the idyllic landscapes that surround it.

Flight information for Fiji

The adventure towards the tropical paradise of Fiji begins with organizing a trip to this exotic destination, located in the heart of the South Pacific. Most visitors arrive at the archipelago through Nadi International Airport, a hub connected by several international airlines, including Fiji Airways. These companies offer direct flights from places such as Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and some points in Asia and the Pacific, facilitating access to this dream destination.

For explorers eager to discover the wonders beyond Viti Levu, where Nadi is located, Fiji presents a range of domestic flight and sea transfer options. With regular flights to islands such as Suva, Taveuni, and Kadavu, travelers can easily immerse themselves in the natural and cultural diversity that each unique island has to offer. Additionally, ferry services and water taxis provide a delightful way to navigate between the islands, promising stunning views and an authentic experience of island life.

Financial planning for your trip is essential, as transportation costs into Fiji can vary greatly, influenced by factors such as the time of year, how far in advance the reservation is made, and the choice of flight class. It is recommended to start looking for international flights months in advance of your planned travel date, thus ensuring the best fares and connections. For internal travel, whether by air or sea, although prices are generally more affordable, booking in advance can avoid setbacks, especially in high demand seasons.

Upon landing in Fiji, visitors are often greeted with an atmosphere of warm welcome, a hallmark of the Fijian spirit. It is important, however, to be prepared for a somewhat slow immigration and customs process, reflecting the serene rhythm that defines life on the islands. Having all the necessary documents, such as a valid passport and proof of return or onward travel, is crucial to ensuring a smooth entry into the country.

Traveling to Fiji is the beginning of an extraordinary journey through one of the most beautiful corners of the planet. With a little planning and a willingness to immerse yourself in the experiences the islands have to offer, arriving in Fiji can be the perfect start to a memorable experience. This destination is not just an escape to paradisiacal beaches; It's an opportunity to experience a rich culture, stunning natural landscapes, and the unparalleled hospitality of the Fijian people.

Values on a trip to Fiji

When planning a getaway to Fiji, understanding the associated costs is essential for planning a trip without surprises. Fiji captivates with its idyllic islands and range of experiences, from dazzling luxury to budget-friendly adventures that still allow you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the destination. Look:

  • Accommodation: In Fiji, accommodation options vary widely, with resorts on private islands that can cost from a few hundred to more than a thousand dollars per night (R$750.00 to R$1500.00), promising exclusivity without parallels. For those looking for a rich experience without the price of luxury resorts, there are family and boutique hotels priced between 150 and 300 dollars (R$750.00 to R$1500.00) per night. More economical travelers find refuge in hostels and simple accommodation, with daily rates starting at 50 dollars (R$ 250.00);

  • Food: Fijian cuisine, a delicious mix of flavors, can be explored throughout the island. A typical meal in a restaurant can range from 20 to 40 dollars (R$ 100.00 to R$ 200.00), while more affordable options and street stalls offer dishes for less than 10 dollars (R$ 50.00);


  • Transport: Access to the archipelago is mainly via Nadi International Airport, with international flights that vary according to origin and season. To explore the islands, domestic flights to more distant destinations can cost 100 to 200 dollars (R$500.00 to R$1000.00), while ferries to nearby islands have fares of 30 to 60 dollars (R$150, 00 to R$ 300.00);

  • Activities: Fiji is a true paradise for those who love nature and a good adventure, with activities ranging from snorkeling to cultural tours. These organized experiences can cost from 50 to 100 dollars (R$ 250.00 to R$ 500.00), allowing diving in crystal clear waters and authentic cultural discoveries;

  • Savings Tips: To stretch your budget in Fiji, considering visiting outside of peak season can result in significant savings, especially on accommodation. Plus, exploring local food options and enjoying the island's free natural beauty are excellent ways to experience Fiji without breaking the bank.

In short, a trip to Fiji can be adapted to different budgets, allowing you to enjoy the wonders of this exotic destination according to your preferences and financial resources. Planning ahead and keeping an eye out for opportunities can make your dream of visiting Fiji a delightful and affordable reality.

Other important information about traveling to Fiji

When planning your journey to the stunning archipelago of Fiji, in addition to considering accommodation, tickets and budget, it is essential to pay attention to other important details that contribute to a successful and enriching trip. From the necessary documentation to immersing yourself in the local culture, here are some valuable tips for anyone looking to explore Fiji.

First of all, check the validity of your passport, which must be valid for at least six months after your expected date of arrival in Fiji. Depending on your nationality, you may need to obtain a visa, although many visitors are eligible to purchase a tourist visa on arrival, valid for up to four months.

Health and safety issues also deserve close attention. Although Fiji is a safe destination, getting vaccinated against typhoid and hepatitis A is recommended. Protection against mosquitoes, responsible for transmitting diseases such as dengue fever, is essential, as is drinking bottled water and using sunscreen to avoid dehydration and sunburn.

As for currency, the Fijian Dollar (FJD) is the official currency, and although credit cards are accepted in the main resorts and tourist areas, it is advisable to have cash for small purchases and when exploring local markets or more remote regions. Plan your daily expenses, considering food, local transport and activities, for an experience without financial worries.

Fiji's cultural richness is one of its greatest attractions, and understanding and respecting local traditions is fundamental. When visiting a village, it is customary to present a gift of "kava" to the village chief as a sign of respect. Likewise, dressing modestly outside of resorts and removing shoes when entering local residences demonstrates consideration and respect for Fijian culture.

Connectivity may vary, especially on more remote islands. To ensure you stay connected when needed, purchasing a local SIM card can be a practical and cost-effective solution, allowing you to make reservations, search for information and share your experiences.

Finally, it is important to be a conscious tourist, especially in a place as focused on environmental conservation as Fiji. Practices such as avoiding touching coral reefs, using biodegradable sunscreen and minimizing the use of single-use plastics help preserve the natural beauty of this destination for future generations.

Properly preparing for your trip to Fiji, considering all these aspects, not only promises a smoother and safer adventure, but also a deeply rewarding and enriching experience. Fiji offers not only an idyllic getaway, but also an opportunity to learn, connect and contribute positively to local culture and the environment.

Fiji represents much more than just a travel destination; It is an experience rich in culture, adventure and relaxation. When planning your visit, considering all aspects, from accommodation in Fiji to understanding cultural nuances and sustainable practices, is crucial to ensuring a memorable and respectful trip. This guide is designed to help you navigate the necessary preparations, allowing you to dive head first into the crystal clear waters and warm hospitality that Fiji has to offer. For more tips, insights and comprehensive guides on how to make your Fiji adventure unforgettable, keep following our Travel Blog . Here, we share everything you need to know to explore the most enchanting corners of the world, starting with this paradise in the South Pacific.

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