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We arrived in Tallinn through our roadtrip departing from Vilnius (Lithuania), the passages along the way prepared us to enjoy this wonderful PepperSack city.

Tallinn is one of those capitals in Europe that many tourists and backpackers end up ignoring this beautiful medieval city when traveling around Europe. Worry no more, from this amazing list of things to do in Tallinn and the account of our visit there, you will definitely want to visit.

In the 25 years since the USSR last exercised control over the city, it has undergone what can only be described as a cultural revolution.

And although it is often grouped with neighboring Scandinavian and Nordic countries, the oldest capital on the Baltic Sea coast has a distinct identity, very different from the rest of Europe.

Some of Tallinn's appeal is rooted in its rich history.

The UNESCO-protected old town features winding streets, ornate doorways and medieval courtyards.

Kings, queens and tsars walked the streets of the charming two-tiered city.

Now it's starting to attract a cool, young affluent crowd in search of gastronomic delights and luxury boutique hotels.

A lot can be done in this small town and there are also a lot of amazing things that can keep you busy. Eastern Europe is gaining so much popularity in recent years due to its diverse culture and also being incredibly cheap and a great option for travelers on a budget. Estonia is not much different; This young country regained its independence in 1991. Estonians are also fantastic people, which is something to expect when visiting Estonia.


Tallinn has a lot to offer in its small isolated medieval town and they have all sorts of happenings in the square, including their popular street markets which are open all year round. The fun thing about it too is that the people who work here are dressed in old medieval clothes! We freaked out about this!


Old Town Tallinn is not huge. It's actually small, but most tourists stay here because of the beauty. Every day, a group of young people gather in front of the main tourist information (Niguliste 2) at noon, to begin a very informative walking tour around the Old Town, providing historical fragments and also a very comical narration about its former conquerors. through the past years. It's good to join this free tour, not only because it's free, but also because this is all just for a good cause. They said they are doing this free tour so that young Estonian citizens have something to do other than nothing. Just remember to leave a tip when you join!


There are many restaurants in Tallinn where they serve medieval specialties food in a very medieval setting which means no lights and only candles and their servers are dressed in medieval clothes. What's fun about it is the fact that the atmosphere really feels like the old days at around €40 per head (which we found a bit pricey)! Estonian cuisine is very meaty and the only vegetables you can get are cucumbers and pickled root vegetables. You'll expect tons of weird things coming to your table, including cottage cheese with fermented fish, duck liver, delicious rye breads, braised meats in meaty sauces, roasted vegetables, and lots of potatoes. The experience is truly out of the ordinary and certainly a must do when you visit Tallinn!

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