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We loved traveling to CUBA, and we think that this whole politicized scheme will soon end, Raul Castro released the internet at home last year (2016) with the death of his brother, generating a certain awareness in the nation that they started to feel deceived, and they discovered that Cuba went bankrupt when the USSR collapsed.

We traveled there on a 20,000-mile deal with Avianca, and it was worth it to see this little corner of the world, we stayed in Havana and visited the beach beauties of Veradero, traveling in a FORD taxi from the 1950s. (2 hour trip)

In Havana, a thriving artistic culture transforms African, Spanish and American influences into a distinct national identity. It taps into the creativity, resourcefulness and friendly nature of Cubans despite economic difficulties. Consider the points of a society committed to providing education and healthcare to all citizens and seeing a well-controlled economy facing challenges and opportunities as entrepreneurs emerge, yet this has not worked out as well as ideally.

In addition to its cultural legacy, Cuba has a wealth of natural resources, including the distinctive limestone hills known as mogotes, pristine coral reefs, miles of beaches, two UNESCO Natural Heritage Sites (Alejandro de Humboldt National Park and Desembarco National Park) del Granma) and a Ramsar Site (Zapata), among others.

When preparing and planning a trip to Cuba, it's important to think about your budget, prices in Cuba, and how you will pay for things around this incredible island nation. Since internet and Wi-Fi are scarce and always a hassle to find and use, you should have your finances and budget sorted out beforehand.

It's not as easy to check your bank balance online and deal with purchasing currency as in other countries.

There is very little internet in Havana and Cuba, but they have Wifi zones in most cities usually located in the main square or pedestrian street. To get the internet, you can buy a card ($2 CUC) at the ETECSA store (Telecommunications Company) and then use this code on the wifi. The stores are prominent and usually have a line outside. If you don't have an internet device, the same stores often have desktops you can use.

You will need to have travel insurance to travel to Cuba. In fact, it is mandatory for all travelers to have insurance, and you may or may not be asked to show proof of insurance upon arrival.


1. El Capitolio

2. Plaza de la Catedral

3. Plaza de la Revolution

4. Museum of the Revolution

5. Paseo del Prado (Paseo del Marti)

6. Havana Club Rum Museum

7. Take a 50s taxi and go to Veradero

Brazilians can pick up their visa in Bogotá or Lima for $20 per person. (VISA NEEDED)

Havana Location : On the northwest coast of Cuba in the Caribbean Sea.

Airport: Havana José Marti International Airport (HAV) is located 23 km south of Havana Vieja. Taxi will charge $25CUC for this 25 minute trip into town. When going to the airport, you have more options and if you get a Lada taxi as mentioned before, it is cheaper. I got to the airport for $15CUC deliberately avoiding the private (classic) cars. There are many direct flights from Europe (Virgin, Air France etc) and from Mexico, Canada, among others. Cubana ( ) is the national airline. However, for now there are no flights from the US


Car: renting a car is possible through Havanautos or Havanacarhire. The service is not as smooth as most countries and involves emails, but in the end the process is done. December/January is high season so make sure you book in advance. I couldn't drive because there were no cars available around New Year's, but the highways are in good condition with very little traffic. Other roads I thought were decent, if not excellent, with the occasional pot of surprise. Signage is very scarce and is the main issue when talking to drivers. Buy good maps and be very patient. Losing is inevitable.

  • Capital : Havana

  • Official language : Castilian

  • President : Raúl Castro

  • Population 2008 : 11,242,621 inhabitants

  • Currency : Cuban peso

  • Total Area : 110,861 km²

  • Time zone : UTC-5, Summer UTC -4

  • International telephone code : +53

  • Tropical weather

  • Visa : A visa is required and can be purchased at any Cuban embassy or at Lima or Bogotá airports before arriving in Cuba for Brazilians.

  • Borders : Cuba is an island

  • Places not to be missed : Havana, Santigo, Viñales, Varadero, Camaguey, Santa Clara, Baracoa.

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