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Chile was our first international trip, a destination 3 hours by plane from São Paulo, which combines adventure, shopping, historical tours with extremely polite and receptive people.

Surprising, cosmopolitan, energetic, sophisticated, Santiago is a city of syncopated cultural currents, parties, expansive museums and top-notch restaurants.

We took a TAM flight to Santiago and stayed in a hotel located close to Parque Arauco, an excellent modern shopping mall. Santiago is a wonderful place to stroll, and each neighborhood has its own unique flavor and tone. Centro's grand architecture and pedestrian malls, before an afternoon picnic in one of the gorgeous hillside parks that dot the city's landscape.

With a growing economy, renewed arts scene and plenty of eccentricity to spare, Santiago is an old-school city on the cusp of a modern renaissance.


El Colorado Ski Center, due to its characteristics of proximity to the capital, offers service, convenience and slopes for all types of practices, it has become the ideal white sport center for family and youth during each winter season . Located on the El Colorado hill, with a maximum height of 3,333 meters. and a vertical drop of 903 meters. receives abundant and short snowfalls averaging 5 meters. snowfall in a normal year.

From Santiago, just 39 kilometers away, is the El Colorado ski center, located in the Andes Mountains, about an hour away by paved road. In Colorado, all the services that complement a spectacular day of skiing are centralized in a modern and comfortable building.

Santiago still has museum tours, historical tours of its ancestors and a very rich culture in terms of cuisine. It was our first country and we were not disappointed in starting there!



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