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We arrived by cruise to the capital of the Cayman Islands (GeorgeTown), for a surreal experience of swimming with wild stingrays, 45 minutes from the island by boat in a pocket of sand in the middle of the ocean, the island is the most beautiful and organized of all the countries that we visited in the Caribbean (even more than the Bahamas).

The largest of the Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman is famous for its Seven Mile Beach, the popular Stingray City and its excellent diving. Both nature and history are preserved underwater with a collection of easily seen shipwrecks.

The Cayman Islands are a group of islands in the Caribbean Sea approximately 90 miles south of Cuba. Grand Cayman is by far the largest, most populated and most visited spot. Little Cayman and Cayman Brac, together referred to as the sister islands, are remote, rural and sparsely populated. The vast majority of visitors arrive by cruise to spend the day in Georgetown or do activities elsewhere on Grand Cayman. The diving is excellent as well as the white sands, turquoise waters, and exclusive hotels of Seven Mile Beach. The Cayman Islands function as an autonomous British Overseas Territory. George Town is the capital and with just 20,000 people, it is the largest settlement on the islands.


Stingray City is Grand Cayman's most popular attraction for snorkellers and non-swimmers. Enjoy this unique experience of touching and feeding a Stingray, along with diving among magnificent coral reefs and colorful tropical fish.

The Stingray City Sandbar is a fun place and is suitable for everyone. You may be surrounded by more than two dozen South Atlantic "tame stingrays" that enjoy the company of humans. The stingray swims freely with humans in just three meters of water in the shallow Sandbar area.

We paid $30 per head for this incredible tour that includes round trip drinks + swimming with the stingrays and visiting the corals. The 1m-long stingrays climb onto your back for a massage, and yes, they have stingers, which according to the guides are not deadly, but internal. When feeding squid into their mouths, release the squid when they are coming to get it, otherwise your finger will be crushed.

Included on the Stingray City trip will be a stop at the world famous coral reefs of Grand Cayman. There you will swim among beautiful tropical fish and see the vibrant colors of our coral reefs.

On the boat trip you can see the homes of Hollywood artists such as Stallone and Tom Cruise.

Visit the Cayman Islands and enjoy the first-world structure with a breathtaking Caribbean look


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