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We fell in love with Sarajevo, it was practically instantaneous for us. An old city, full of Arab shops and cheap food in restaurants that are truly cute.

Saravejo is a gem of a city. It is one of the true crossroads of the world, where the Muslim East meets the Christian West with architecture and food to make your mouth water. But that doesn't mean we're all that impressed, but that it's worth it.

Quite simply, Sarajevo is one of the coolest cities we've ever been to, definitely one of the coolest in all of Europe and one you should go see now. It is also, by far, one of the most different places we have traveled to on so many different levels in Europe. Happiness, sadness, pride, anger, excitement, worry, affection. They are all there.

We didn't expect to feel so close to nature here, but the city is completely surrounded by hills with the Miljacka River passing by peacefully. We were there in mid-March when there was still some snow, but we can imagine in the spring and summer this place must be lush.

Sarajevo also straddles multiculturalism like no other place I've been before. One minute you feel like you're in Istanbul and then Vienna the next. However, no matter how cosmopolitan and fundamental this city has been throughout history, it has maintained this inexplicable warmth. The second, you start to wander its streets, you feel almost immediately at home, regardless of where you come from.

Let's get to the important stuff, what to do in Saravejo:

1) Zlatna Ribica (Cafeteria that is really worth it)

2) Kino Bosna (Pub in a really cool theater)

3) Cevapcici in Zeljo (Eat this wonderful food there)

4) Baščaršija (the old bazaar of Sarajevo)

5) Tunnel of Hope

6) Its hills and mountains (on a roadtrip, choose to travel during the day, we miss many scenes arriving in the city at night)

In addition to Saravejo, we visited monuments from the former Yugoslavia, and took incredible photos with the shutter open at 30s, with the mountains that divide Bosnia and Montenegro.

When I did light painting of the cross at the communism monument (photo without filter). Photo taken at the SUTJESKA monument at the Tjentiste War Memorial, One of the many otherworldly monuments that dot the Bosnian landscape, the Tjentiste War Memorial's rocky walkway is a stunning tribute to a total failure. The memorial's two concrete walls were erected in the 1970's to commemorate Operation Fall Schwarz, otherwise known as the Battle of Sutjeska. The military action took place during World War II and saw Axis forces attempt to overthrow a group of Yugoslav forces. .

For me, this photo is a great cultural landmark of my travels, being able to mark one of the monuments of communism with the symbol of the Cross of Christ was an experience that goes beyond photography and conveys the news that the gospel is not and will never be subjugated to ideas. left, right or any political ideology. Reducing the Gospel and Jesus to a party or a political front is a grotesque error today, and this shame on the evangelical bench takes advantage of it. God does not share his glory. However, the Yugoslav communism that reigned for so long next to this monument collapsed and fell, and below I put a reflection on why Jesus was neither communist, socialist nor right-wing. # Base Bible 1 In favor of authority, but legitimate and not totalitarian authority. See Romans 13. 2 Pro-leadership and hierarchy. Jesus leaves the role of leader of the Church to Peter. See Matthew 16. Existence of Bishops and deacons in the Early Church (Read Paul's letters). There is no preaching to eliminate the rich and the poor, but to live well with everyone in love, justice and seek spiritual wealth. 3 Pro-transcendentalism. Non-materialist (material detachment, human value above anything see Mark 10 or Matheus19 – and love for others). 4 It does not propose material gain but spiritual gain. Poverty as a vow of love for Jesus: spiritual gain and wealth. See Mark 10, 2 Corinthians 8 5 Donations of goods to the Church were voluntary and not compulsory. Experience communion and not communist. See Acts of the Apostles 2. The photo is also the cover of Fresno's CD

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