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Bangladesh is rarely considered a tourist destination. What people know about this usually comes from the news: floods, cyclones, political conflicts, tragedies in clothing factories. “It was stigmatized,” says one local. "We never heard positive news."

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We left Siliguri at 7am to enter Bangladesh at 8am via Banglabandha, but it wasn't possible, as the border only opened at 9am, well, then the Brazuca feeling arose, we talked a lot with the guards, we explained who we were, why we were there and because we wanted so much to enter Bangladesh sooner and all this with an Indian translator helping us, finally the guard said no, so I wasn't convinced and asked to call his superior, and he did, I explained everything again and he told us let it in. Along with Kyrgyzstan and Belarus, it has become one of the most complicated countries we have ever bordered.

With the world's longest beach and largest mangrove forest, Bangladesh has a lot to boast about - its natural environment is much more diverse and dramatic than most people imagine. Add fascinating architectural heritage to the mix and you have plenty of reasons to pack your bags for a trip to this beautiful country. You might even see a Bengal tiger!

The remote Sundarbans, the world's largest mangrove forest, covers a vast area of southwestern Bangladesh. Its many freshwater rivers merge with the saltwater of the Bay of Bengal, allowing a spectacularly diverse ecosystem to flourish. It is a place of surreal beauty: often shrouded in mist, largely uninhabited, wild and swampy. You might spot wild boar, spotted deer, Gangetic dolphins, monkeys, reptiles and – if you're very lucky – a Bengal tiger. A few hundred of these magnificent animals live in the Sundarbans.

Bangladesh is a country that does not have a good structure for tourists outside of its resorts, but if you are an adventurer like us then we recommend paying a visit to this little-known Asian region.

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