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We arrived in Australia after having visited Bali Island in Indonesia, we landed at Perth airport and rented a car for 40 Australian dollars per day, we rented a hotel room in the center of Perth, where we ate in a delicious English pizzeria.

Prices in Perth are very high, in terms of cost of living and for tourists it is very similar to England, our pockets suffered a lot when we went to eat in restaurants, in Subway, and buy our favorite donuts from Krispy Kreme.


We managed to go to Australia due to an incredible promotion that we got through the app, unmissable tickets with the following route: BRAZIL - USA - NETHERLANDS - ARAB EMIRATES - USA - BRAZIL for R$750 reais round trip with fees included by Delta Airlines, it was without a doubt the best promotion we've ever had, and since we had already gotten there we started to take the local lowcosts (cheaper air tickets for those who only go with hand luggage), from the Arab Emirates we went to Russia for R$300 each, country epic, from there we went to India for R$450 each, exotic, from India to Singapore for R$120, from Singapore to Indonesia(Bali) for R$450.00 each, and from Indonesia to Australia for R$580.00 and after meeting all these countries and Australia we paid R$900.00 to return to Dubai, everything was R$3550.00 each with all taxes included (we traveled 69,018km on this worldtrip divided into 17 plane trips, almost none of the flights had food, except the from AirIndia and Delta, so we always travel with food in our backpack.

Perth is a very organized, clean and well-structured city, the climate is very similar to Brazil, which made us realize that Australia combines the best of both worlds, an incredible tropical climate with a first-world structure.

We took a boat from Rottnest Fast Ferries to visit the beautiful island of Rottnest, which is without a doubt the coolest thing to do when you're in Perth.

Rottnest Island, or Rotto to the natives, is a paradise, near Perth, the largest city on the west coast of Australia. It's an incredible location, a peculiar island in the Indian Ocean less than 20 kilometers from one of Australia's largest cities. Rottnest is small, but has several beaches and lots of quokkas, which are really cute. It is a breathtaking place.

What to do on Rottnest Island?

Cars are not allowed on the island, the only cars you will find on the island are the buses that run the local tour. To explore the island, there are 3 options: Bus, walking and cycling.

The bus tour is provided by the Island Explorer Service, where you can board and disembark the bus at any of the 19 stops. Tickets can be purchased at the Rottnest Island Visitor Centre.

The island has a food court, a good hotel structure and house rentals. It also has an excellent sidewalk for cycling or walking around the island.

Going to Australia was without a doubt a dream come true, I recommend visiting the beaches, The Basin, Bathurst Point and Parakeet bay, the view with the lighthouse is breathtaking.

How to get to Rottnest?

There are some options to get to the island, such as an air taxi and the Ferry, a type of catamaran. The Ferry is the best cost-benefit option, and there are two companies that operate the trips, Rottnest Express(*RE) and Rottnest Fast Ferries(**RFF) with departures from 3 different points.

The best option is to leave Fremantle. The trip is operated by Rottnest Express and takes an average of 25 minutes to Rottnest. To get to Frematle from Perth, the quickest option is to go by train and the journey takes on average 30 minutes and the train ticket costs around AU$4.20.

The train station in Fremantle is next to the port where the ferry leaves. Quick, easy and cheap! The other options are:

Perth City, at Barrack Street Jetty – 90min journey

Hillarys Boat Harbor, in Perth – 45min journey

These are just some options on how to get there and what to do on Rottnest Island. If you still have questions, you can find more information by visiting the website

Definitely if you are in Perth to study or for leisure, don't forget to visit Rottnest Island, you won't regret it.


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