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Our first backpacking trip as a couple was to Buenos Aires. We went with a couple of friends and it was really cool (Carol & Tércio). We stayed there for 7 days and saw all the tourist attractions and stayed in a hotel close to Rua Florida. This street is the main one and staying close to it allows you to save on transport as you can walk a lot there. It has the famous Argentine espadrilles, milk chocolates in several sweet shops that are open 24 hours. There are also many places on this street that offer tours to see some tourist attractions. We purchased two tours. One to visit the Lujan Zoo and the other the bus tour to see the whole city. This bus is quite annoying because we took one without it being opened and the girl talked a lot so we slept in some parts.

We stopped at the Boca Juniors stadium, passed by the "floraris" (a giant metal flower), went down the path where the colorful houses are located and are once more well-known tourist attractions. We thought it was really cool and there we ate some Argentine empanadas. They are delicious! In Argentina you cannot miss eating empanadas, dulce de leche, chorizo steak and discovering all the different types of milk chocolates.

Tortonni coffee is a very famous coffee. We went to the place but the food wasn't anything very surprising, but the architecture is beautiful and at night there is tango playing in the basement. You can go in the morning and buy tickets to go in the evening.

The Lujan Zoo is often talked about on social media, such as mistreatment, etc. When you go to the zoo, before entering there is a full explanation of how the care and work inside works. They inform that the animals are raised together with dogs and this allows them to become docile. We really came across the scene of dogs playing with lion cubs. We don't know if it really happens or if there is some mistreatment. But we found the tour interesting.

We also visited San Isidro, and it is well worth it, San Isidro is one of the cities in Argentina that are part of the province of Buenos Aires, located twenty kilometers from the Capital; It is easily accessible by train, car, bus and even boat.

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The show mixes music, lights, acrobatics and special effects, in addition to seeking audience participation, a concept that is not very common in the shows we are used to seeing. For around 30 minutes, the dancers showed off their acrobatics in the giant pool that rises and falls in the middle of the audience. You have to look up to watch the dancers' performance in the pool of water. The show is presented in 360 degrees and at some point the audience can even touch the artists. One of the show's oddities is the lack of dialogue. At the end, to the sound of the drums, dancers mingle with the guests performing performances using paper shreds, one of the group's trademarks.


Be careful with money exchanges. We went to Argentina twice. On Monday we were robbed while exchanging money. There are a lot of people on the streets saying "cambio, cambio, cambio" we went to one of these on the recommendation of a Brazilian woman who worked in a tourist shop there and we got a fake 50 dollar bill. After this trip I bought the famous pen that when you scratch it turns a specific color if the money is fake. So stay tuned!

Beware of illegal taxis. When we arrived at the airport, a guy said: "taxi, taxi, taxi" a car arrived that wasn't a taxi (there wasn't an Uber at the time, so it wasn't common), but we didn't think properly and got in. When we arrived at our destination, I handed over three notes. He dropped one on purpose because we saw it. And he said: there's so much left! I said: no, there is no shortage. It's in your lap. I was so angry because it was clear that it wasn't accidental. We saw it clearly, so once again, stay alert. But apart from these reported factors, it is a really cool city to visit. Ancient architecture and beautiful tourist attractions.



- To travel to Buenos Aires it is best to bring dollars or pesos. In some places they take reais, but it is not very common to use reais outside the tourist circuit and it is more difficult to exchange.

It is not recommended to exchange money at the airport, the price is very low.

To exchange money in banks and exchange offices, you need a passport or identity document.

In the parallel market you can exchange dollars for better value.


Avoid taking the subway during rush hours. (In the morning, from 8 to 10 am, towards the center. / In the afternoon, from 5 to 7 pm towards the outskirts of the city).


Doubts? Just ask in the comments =)


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